Monday, 2 May 2016

005 things

Favourite things: May 2016

 I have become even more obsessed with cacti and succulents (I no longer spend money on clothes, just cacti). I’ve got about 20 different varieties of succulent and cacti. In the top photo is my no.1 favourite, the prickly pear (the one that looks like bunny ears). I’ve been repotting them in old tins and I think they look super cool. It’s always quite tricky to find pots that tiny cacti can fit in, so using old brasso tins or ground coffee tins make do quite nicely! 


I have been slowly stocking up on quirky homeware for when I move out later this year and I have discovered that the Homebase in Sittingbourne has the BEST Habitat section ever. I bought a selection of Bamboo spotty places, some cute mugs and a dusty pink salad bowl. Go check it if you dig cute homeware like me. 


Since spending half my life in Faversham, I thought I would mention it in my May favourites. Faversham is super cool, it has lovely pubs, lovely food places (check out The Yard, food photographed above! I’m not one for photographing food but it was 100% worth it. It also has amazing second hand shops and lovely surrounding landscapes such as Oare nature reserve. 

♡ Favourite walking songs 

Bubblegum - Mystery Jets 
Getaway - Blossoms 
Not For Nothing - Mutual Benefit 
Pretty Pimpin’ - Kurt Vile
Horizons - The Staves 
Bashed Out - This Is The Kit 


Lazy Oaf has always been one of my no.1 brands to obsess over! They are now selling these super cute pins by Rosehound Apparel and I’m just totally in love with it. This is the beginning of my pin collection so watch this space. 

  Wind-up tin toys 

I have been a collector of wind-up tin toys for quite some time but I have recently purchased this little guy from a secondhand shop in Faversham. He was made in the USSR and comes in original packaging. I’ve been researching to find out when he was actually made and it could be possibly in the 1960’s! Anyway, check out Soviet tin toys, I love their designs.

 Sissinghurst Castle and Gardens 


 I am so in love with their little zip/drawstring bags. If you’re a lover of stationery, go check it!